The National Jamboree is July 23 to August 1, 2001. The Central Minnesota Council Jamboree troops will depart a few days prior to the event and return a few days following, depending on the touring schedule yet to be confirmed.


The National Jamboree will be held at Fort A. P. Hill, located in the rolling hills of Caroline County, Virginia, near the towns of Fredericksburg and Bowling Green.

This 76,000-acre U.S. Army facility has served as the permanent site for the National Scout Jamboree since 1981. It is located near many historical Civil War battlefields and close to Washington, D. C.

Central Minnesota Council's troops will be located in Subcamp 14 of the Central Region. Click here for a map of the Jamboree site.

Jamboree City

The 2001 National Scout Jamboree will attract thousands of Scouts and leaders, and, although it won't be the biggest city in Virginia, it will be the fastest growing on the day the Scouts arrive. There will be 17,000 tents and 3,500 patrol kitchens popping up in a matter of hours. 

The Boy Scouts of America uses approximately 12,000 acres of land to support a city of nearly 38,000 Scouts and leaders.

Amid the thousands of tents that will house participants and provide program and support services, there is an infrastructure that provides a safe environment at Fort A. P. Hill. Everything from bus and telephone systems to a hospital and first-aid stations, police and fire departments, post offices, food warehouses, a daily newspaper, and retail stores (trading posts) provide all the support and program services needed for an outstanding event.