Health Forms

The Health Form itself

DO NOT fold, bend, staple or in any way do anything to the health form other than fill it out. The health forms are going to be scanned to generate a health card for each Scout at the Jamboree. This way, if he needs any medical attention at all, the info will be instantly available at the medical tents.

Hepatitis B (pages 1 and 3, sections III and VI)

Hepatitis B immunization is REQUIRED for all YOUTH 17 and under, regardless of whether they're going as attendees or staff.

It is RECOMMENDED for all ADULT 18 and over, regardless of attending as a leader or staff.

This may raise an issue with some folks due to timing. Hepatitis B vaccine is given in three separate doses, with the second occurring one month after the first and the third injection occurring, depending on the source of the information, 4-6 months after the first.

Obviously, if it happens 6 months afterwards, we're already past the deadline. In the case where all three shots can not be given before the Jamboree, the Scout must at least start and get the first 2 injections, and the health form must note that the innoculations have begun but not been completed.

Laboratory Tests (section VI, page 3)

The "Fasting blood glucose, Hemoglobin, and Urine" Lab tests are REQUIRED for all ADULTS 18 and over, whether a leader or on staff.

The Laboratory tests are at the DOCTOR'S DISCRETION for YOUTH.

Lyme Disease (section III, page 1)

This is NOT REQUIRED. The National Office refuses to issue a recommendation either for or against this immunization.

An unofficial source claims that there is a lawsuit pending against the maker of a popular Lyme Disease vaccine due to alleged side-effects. However, this is completely unconfirmed.

All we can say is that we have seen no solid facts or recommendations one way or the other from any reliable, credible, or authoritative source. Lyme disease vaccination is something that each Scout and his parent(s) should discuss with their doctor and decide for themselves.

Parental Statement (section V, page 2)

Parents need to fill out the top part of section V, and sign and date the bottom part now. We will be sending the original back to the National Office.

The middle part (under "Immediately Prior to the Jamboree. . . .) will need to be filled in on the COPY that each Scoutmaster will keep for every Scout and adult in that troop. Whether the answer is Yes or No (if yes, the info is filled out), the parent needs to sign and date somewhere in that middle section to affirm that the info is correct.

We have not yet determined the exact mechanism for getting this final parental sign-off; we felt it more important to distribute this time-critical information as soon as possible.

Medical Alert (page 4)

Page 4 is ONLY filled out if the youth or adult has one of the health conditions listed at the bottom of page 3. If you do NOT have one of these conditions, leave page 4 blank.