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Up Uniform Packing List

Personal Equipment (as set by BSA)

Required Personal Camping Equipment

1 Duffel bag

1 Day pack to carry lunch

2 Blanket/sheets or 1 sleeping bag, or combination of both, and a large waterproof bag, like a garbage bag

1 Air mattress or sleeping pad

1 Ground cloth

1 Poncho or rain gear

Extra uniform parts (in addition to those parts of official uniform listed)

3 Sets of underwear

Extra socks

Laundry bag, recommended for use in duffle bag to hold soiled clothing

2 Pair pajamas

1 Swimming suit

1 Pair moccasin or 1 pair rubber-soled shoes

1 Eating utensil set containing 1 knife, 1 fork, and 1 spoon

1 Toilet kit containing soap in container, comb, toothbrush, metal mirror, washcloth, and toothpaste

1 Plastic washbasin

Laundry materials (detergent in small plastic bag)

2 Hand towels

3 Bath towels

1 Sewing kit

1 Flashlight (no flame-type lights will be permitted)

1 Scout knife

1 Bible, Testament, or prayer book according to faith

1 Canteen or plastic water bottle

1 Insect repellent

1 Sunscreen

Optional Personal Equipment


Notebook, pen, pencil

Camera, film

Drinking cup, collapsible

Shaving gear (if needed)

Musical instrument

Shoelaces, extra pair

Air pillow (small)

Boy Scout Handbook


Small personal radio (with earphones) No boom boxes allowed.

Electric lantern (spare battery and bulb)

Scout Songbook

Duffel-bag lock

Coin purse or wallet


Notes and Suggestions

The Central Minnesota Council contingent is providing your duffel bag and daypack. Everything should fit in these.

Put water bottle on the top of your list for safety. Sunscreen should also be near the top.

Another high priority is sturdy comfortable walking shoes that have been broken in.

You will need more film than you think.

3 bath towels is a lot.

Bandannas make good washcloths that dry quickly and have many other uses.

A few plastic clothespins are handy.

You will need only a small amount of laundry detergent.

A summer weight or polar fleece sleeping bag will take up less room in your duffel.

A waterproof cushion, like a stadium seat, makes arena shows more comfortable. Elevated seats will not be permitted at the shows.

A small battery operated fan can bring welcome relief in a hot tent at night.

Medications need to be in original containers. Medication cards (provided at final meeting) will need to be completed and turned in at check in.

A medicated powder (Goldbond) is useful to treat chafing.

You will need stuff to do for long hours on the bus.



Central Minnesota Council, BSA 2001 National Jamboree 9/14/00

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