Steering Committee Member Jeff D.  is working on arranging merit badge counselors for interested Scouts before troop meetings. 

"To all Scouts that signed up for merit badges:

We had a good showing of interest for the 12 badges offered to our Jamboree troops! Yes, you can still sign up! I will have counselors lined up and times at our next Troop meetings. You will see updates in the newsletter and on the web site. Plan to arrive at least a half an hour early to the troop meeting. It will be hard to find time during the meeting because of all the operational plans we need to cover. Be as prepared as possible, A little hard work before makes it easier later on. Buy or borrow the merit badge booklet of your choice and review it carefully. Each explains important information to help you understand. I will be handing out a list of requirements for each badge, highlighting the ones that need to be completed on your own. When you are ready, the counselor will discuss your knowledge on the subject and if satisfied with your ability to understand it, will sign your card." 

Here is what we are offering so far:

Badges and Counselors

I have a stock of blue MB application cards ready.