Encampment set for 6/22-24 at Parker 

The required pre-Jamboree training weekend is Friday, June 22 to Sunday, June 24 at Parker Scout Reservation, located on North Long Lake north of Brainerd, MN. All participants are required to attend this weekend. The encampment begins at 2 p.m. on Friday and runs until Sunday afternoon at 12:30. 

The Jamboree troops will be setting up their campsites and cooking in the manner that they will at the Jamboree. Tents, stoves and patrol equipment will be the same as will be used at Jamboree. All participants should pack their Jamboree duffle and day pack just as they will when going to the Jamboree. This is our last chance to see if everyone is ready for Jamboree. You need to have your dress uniforms with all patches correctly in place. 

You should arrive in uniform. Bring a complete Medication Authorization card (enclosed) when checking in at the administration building. Use the packing list you were given. Remember you need a spoon, fork, and knife to eat with. Bring one Scout T-shirt. Your official Jamboree contingent T-shirts will be given to you at check in. Remember, all T-shirts used at the Jamboree or pre-encampment, must be a Boy Scout T-shirt with the Boy Scout symbol on it someplace. 

Make sure all equipment is packed in waterproof bags. We had a hard rain at pre-encampment in 1997 and everyone stayed dry because they were prepared. Some of the activities at the training weekend include gateway set up, picnic table construction, camp set up, patrol activities, "A Time to Tell" training video, personal safety training, hotel courtesy, flag ceremonies, campfire program, Scouts Own chapel service, cooking and clean up Jamboree style, orientation to the A.P. Hill site and Jamboree activities. Our Jamboree Guidebooks will be available for everyone to begin reading. This should be a fun weekend of building friendships and getting to know each other as well as a chance to have everyone "Be Prepared" for Jamboree. 

Adult volunteers needed 

A few adult volunteers are needed for the pre-encampment weekend to help with check in, food distribution, and supervision of trash and waste disposal. Contact Committee Chair Jacquie R. (contact information on back). 

All payments are now past due. All outstanding balances must be paid before our pre-encampment weekend if you still want to attend Jamboree. Contact Kurt Stelten at the Central Minnesota Council Service Center if there are extenuating circumstances. The July 12 required final meeting is the last chance to deposit spending money. Arrive early that evening if you need to make a deposit. 

Copies of our contingent Medication Authorization card are enclosed with this newsletter. It includes information on medications being taken as well as permission for contingent leaders to administer ibuprofen (i.e. Advil) or acetaminophen (i.e. Tylenol). These over-the-counter pain killers will be carried by each third assistant scoutmaster who is responsible for first aid and records. Do not send these medications. No aspirin will be given. We will not give any medication without permission of a parent/guardian. If a Scout has medications they will be taking during the pre-encampment weekend or during the Jamboree and tour, send them in the original container with the Scout's name on it. All medications are turned in at check-in along with the Medication Authorization card. If a Scout must carry the medication with him (i.e. rescue inhaler), bring two. Turn one in and show the other at check in. The same procedure will be used at the pre-departure check-in at Ogilvie. 

OA Lodge flaps available for purchase 

Jamboree Order of the Arrow trading lodge flaps will be available for purchase at the pre-encampment weekend, June 22-23 at Parker Scout Reservation. Only Nagounabe Lodge members with current membership can purchase these patches. OA lodge flaps are the second most traded item at Jamboree, after Jamboree council shoulder patches. A limited number of patches are available. Current lodge members may also wear this patch on their official Jamboree uniforms. 

T-shirt clarification 

The Central Minnesota Council official Jamboree contingent T-shirt can be worn on the bus and during most activities at Jamboree when the official Boy Scout shirt is not required. The only other T-shirt to be worn must be some type of Boy Scout T-shirt, displaying the Boy Scout logo. This other shirt can only be worn while inside the troop campsite or when going to the latrine in the middle of the night. Contingent T-shirts will be distributed at pre-encampment check-in. 

Service Center location changed 

The Central Minnesota Council Service Center has moved to 1252 32nd Ave., St. Cloud in the North Village Mini Mall while the new building is being constructed. Telephone numbers remain the same, but the new mailing address is: PO Box 190 St. Cloud, MN 56302 

Jamboree theme will come to life at "Scoutopia" A feature program of the 2001 National Scout Jamboree will be "Scoutopia," an original live production created solely for this event. The presentation, while both entertaining and exciting, delivers the message of Scouting in a contemporary and adventurous atmosphere. When merging the words "Scout" and "utopia," a place was discovered where character lives. "Scoutopia" is that place. It's the next level: where a boy becomes a man and begins to understand the meaning of character, duty, and responsibility taught by the Scout Oath. 

"Scoutopia" is a production of the Order of the Arrow's highly acclaimed national shows team and sponsored by the U.S. Marine Corps. It's a one-of-a-kind experience that cannot be seen anywhere else. "Scoutopia" is the sequel to the '97 jambo's "Odyssey of the Law," declared by Scouting Magazine "the hit attraction of the jamboree." "Scoutopia" performances take place in a state-of-the-art air-conditioned theater seating 600 Scouts and fitted with a custom stage, theatrical lighting, concert sound, large screen video, and loads of special effects. The theater is located within view of Jamboree Headquarters, Trading Post A, Brownsea Island, and Conservation/Environment. There will be other exciting first time exhibits adjacent to "Scoutopia." 

Your troop leaders will receive a "Scoutopia" performance ticket for every Scout in your troop for a specific day and time. You must be at the theater by the time noted on your ticket. It is very important to not be late. If you don't arrive by the time on your ticket, you will lose your seat to someone waiting in the standby line. Seats are going to be a hot item because there won't be enough for staff or all adults at the jamboree. 

A special souvenir "Scoutopia" patch can only be purchased by those who attend the performance. Visit the web site at www.Scoutopia.org

Jamboree lunches 

For the first time at a national Jamboree, fresh noon meals will be served. Scouts will receive a meal tag for each day that they trade in at one of the lunch kiosks located throughout the jamboree grounds. Central Minnesota Council has several volunteers that will be working as staff in our subcamp food service this year. They have the inside scoop on the lunch menus begin served: 6/23 turkey sandwich, 6/24 sub sandwich, 6/25 peanut butter and jelly sandwich, 6/26 salami and cheese sandwich, 6/27 honey ham sandwich, 6/28 roast beef sandwich, 6/29 bologna and cheese sandwich, 6/30 chicken sandwich, 6/31 hand and cheese sandwich. 

Each patrol will receive a loose-leaf meal guide at the pre-encampment that includes breakfast and supper menus with food preparation instructions. 

Still time to order Jamboree video 

The 2001 National Scout Jamboree Video can still be ordered at the pre-production price of $21.95. These were listed on the Central Minnesota Council Jamboree Order Form. Order through our council before departure. After August 1, you will need to order on your own from Irving, Texas for $24.95. All videos will be shipped November 2001.

Packing list enclosed 

An annotated copy of the Jamboree packing list is enclosed with this newsletter. Everything must fit in your jamboree duffle bag and day pack. A copy of the original list in on the web site.

12 Things to Take on the Jamboree Trip: 

  1. A good water bottle. Dehydration will get you sick and out of the Jamboree fun real fast. 
  2. Bug repellant. There are few mosquitoes in this part of Virginia, but an ample supply of ticks. Bug dope helps! (No aerosol cans that could pop in the heat and make a mess of your pack.) 
  3. A pillow and light blanket; taking a nap on the bus is a popular activity. Some find the air-conditioning a little cool. The light blanket might be all you want for sleeping at the Jamboree if it is real hot. 
  4. Sock liners for you feet. The official Boy Scout socks are 100% cotton. Walking in them all day in the heat makes them damp and prone to causing blisters. 
  5. Good walking shoes. Your basic transportation at the Jamboree will be your feet. 
  6. If your walking shoes are not water proof, you will need rubbers or boots. If you shoes get wet, it may take a long time to dry them. 
  7. Personal first aid kit that includes bandages and moleskin in case you do get a blister. 
  8. Plastic bag to put your towel in each morning. While traveling, you may shower each night. Don't assume the towel will be dry when you want to put it in your pack in the morning.
  9. Everything in your pack packed in plastic bags that seal. Bring extra bags in case one tears. Think too of putting your toiletries and laundry supplies in a plastic bag so they don't leak into you pack. (Plastic jars work great for laundry soap.) Remember a large garbage bag for your sleeping bag or blankets! 
  10. A blue merit badge card for every merit badge you want to earn. This is also a good time to mention having pens, pencils, notepaper, etc.... 
  11. Stamps for postcards and letters and envelopes. They sell these with the Jamboree logo and you'll be able to buy postcards at every stop you make. If someone or some group helped you pay for your trip, bring their address and send them a card of letter saying thanks. 
  12. A good attitude. The trip can be great fun. There will be times you don't like, or agree with something, but that does not have to ruin your trip.

12 things to NOT have at the Jamboree:

  1. Pocketknife or tool with knife blade. Won't need it and could cause problems with security at our site visits. We'll have tools in the troop. 
  2. Clothing other than that listed on the packing list. The only non-official BSA clothing you will be allowed to wear is; swim trunks, rain gear, shower robe, shoes, PJ's and underwear. 
  3. Contraband materials listed on the Jamboree behavior contract. Don't add the cost of a bus or plane ticket home to your jamboree trip. 
  4. Laser pointers, it you get caught with one at the Jamboree, you go home, we will have nothing to say about it. 
  5. Medications of any kind that are not turned in to the Troop medical kit, and for which you have signed authorization to receive. 
  6. Any patch or patches on your uniform that is not part of the official Central MN Jamboree uniform (see uniform guide). 
  7. Large amounts of cash. We'll have a bank, use it. Cash cannot be replaced and begging friends for pop, candy or souvenir money for two and a half weeks is a bad trip. 
  8. A cot. You will not have enough room in your tent for two of you to have a cot, and the added weight will be hard to carry on and off the bus each night. 
  9. Heavy gear to carry around. A small flashlight is all you need for the trip and is light to carry for example. 
  10. Lots of candy or snacks that will melt. Except for things in your daypack, everything goes in the bus storage compartment during travel. It can get over 100 degrees in there, chocolate soup anyone? 
  11. Boom boxes or anything (Gameboy, etc...) that does not have headphones. You can only use these for travel on the bus but not at the Jamboree itself. Plan to leave them on the bus or in a secure place while at the Jamboree - you will not have them or use them. 
  12. A bad attitude. It will make everyone else miserable, including you!

Electronic Devices Policy 

Central Minnesota Council Jamboree Equipment

Jamboree troop equipment is available for purchase by Central Minnesota Council Jamboree participants. This includes: 

This new equipment will only be used by the contingent at the pre-encampment weekend and for the week at Jamboree. The sale is open first to boys in the contingent and then will open to purchase by their home troops. An order form is enclosed with this newsletter. Be sure to let your troop committee know of this opportunity to buy like-new equipment at bargain prices. An order form is enclosed.

Indy 500 Hall of Fame Museum 

One of the stops on the way home from Jamboree will be the Indianapolis 500 Speedway and Hall of Fame Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

According to their web site, the Hall of Fame Museum on the grounds of the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a National Historic Landmark since 1987, appeals to more than just the racing enthusiast. Displayed are more than 75 racing cars, including Indianapolis winners as well as race cars from internationally renowned motorsports events world wide. 

Also displayed are several examples of early antique and classic passenger cars. Many of these cars were built here in Indianapolis, such as Stutz, Cole, Marmon, National and Duesenberg. Three of the first four 500 winning cars are permanently on exhibit, including the Marmon "Wasp" which won the first 500-Mile Race in 1911. The Marmon "Wasp" was the first single- seat race car and its is believed was the first automobile to make use of the rear view mirror. 

Surrounding the beautifully restored cars are numerous displays of engines, trophies, helmets, historic photographs and other priceless memorabilia, much of which has been donated by former participants. 

The 500 Gift Shop carries a variety of official souvenirs for those who wish to take home a keepsake. A trip around the famous oval in one of the Speedway vehicles is offered to the public whenever the track is not in use for racing, testing, or the track is closed due to weather conditions. 

The Hall of Fame was created in 1952 for the purpose of perpetuating the names and memories of outstanding personalities in racing and the development of the automobile industry. A distinctive Hall of Fame Medallion is awarded to each inductee, while their name is inscribed on a permanent trophy in the museum. Watercolor portraits by Terre Haute artist, Bill Rader, of all the living members are also on display. 

More information on the Hall of Fame can be found at www.indy500.com/museum/