Mandatory Final Meeting

Thursday, July 12

7-9:00 p.m.


South Junior High

Scouts in uniform & Parent/Guardian must attend.

Final meeting set 

Every Central Minnesota Council Jamboree participant and his parent/guardian or other responsible adult must attend the final contingent meeting Thursday, July 12 at South Junior High in St. Cloud. South Junior High is located one block south of 10th Street South on 15th Avenue. See map at right. 

Check in will begin at 6:00 p.m. so Scouts can make a final deposit into their spending money account. Also at check in, corrections or additions should be made to the participants' health form. A PARENT/GUARDIAN MUST SIGN THE HEALTH FORM AGAIN. BSA requires this within 30 days of departure. Medication cards can be turned in if Scouts forgot them at the pre-encampment or there are changes. 

The meeting agenda is on page 2. 

Click to enlarge map. sjh_map.gif (6645 bytes) 

Final Required Meeting 

Thursday, July 12 


1) Pre-opening 

a) Deposit money 

b) Med cards 

c) Health form signatures 

d) Volunteer & phone tree sign up 

e) Patches for sale 

f) Tents, stoves & videos for sale 

2) Opening 

3) Introduction of Leaders 

4) Behavior expectations/consequences 

5) Overnight at Ogilvie 

a) Why 

b) Time 

c) Location 

d) Activities 

e) Check-in procedure (Parent/guardians make it correct before morning) 

f) Activities planned 

g) Volunteers needed 

6) Tour Itinerary 

7) Communications Plan 

8) Jamboree Reunion 

9) General Questions 

10) Closing 

11) Post-meeting - Additional questions 

* You may find it helpful to bring this copy to the meeting. 

The final meeting on July 12 is the last opportunity to make a deposit into a participant's spending money account. Arrive early to make deposits or check on your balance. If a Scout is bringing his own travelers checks and would like them held by the banking adult, he should bring them on July 12. To cash travelers checks at the jamboree, the signer needs a jamboree identification (received at jamboree) and one other form of identification. 

No deposits will be accepted after July 12. 

Medication cards will be accepted at pre-opening on July 12. Participants who forgot their cards for the encampment weekend should remember to bring them July 12. No painkillers or other medications will be administered without parent consent. Every participant received two copies of the medication card in the June newsletter. Third assistant scoutmasters will have extra copies. It is also available on line at 

BSA requires that all health forms be reviewed and signed by a Scout's parent/guardian within 30 days of departure. This allows for any changes in health since the physical exam. Forms can be checked and signed at the July 12 meeting. Additional changes can be made at Ogilvie before departure. 

Friendship gifts 

The Central Minnesota Council contingent is still looking for friendship gifts that anyone is able to donate. Friendship gifts are small trinkets that are significant to our geographic area. They are given to new friends made along the way. Any number of friendship gifts would be welcome. Bring them to the overnight at Ogilvie. Troop leaders will distribute them to the boys when we get underway. 

WANTED: Parent volunteers for overnight at Ogilvie HS 

Parent volunteers are needed to stay overnight at Ogilvie High School before departure. Volunteers are needed to assist with supervision of activity rooms, make and serve Mr. Zs pizza, serve a simple breakfast, and any other assistance needed. These adults could sleep in shifts in a quiet room for adults. The biggest reason to be an overnight volunteer? You get those final hugs and can wave "Bye-bye" in the morning. 

There will be a volunteer sign up list at the July 12 meeting. A couple people are needed to act as managers of the volunteers. Call Committee Chair Jacquie R. (see back) if you have any questions. 

Telephone tree leaders needed 

As part of the Central Minnesota Council risk management plan, telephone tree leaders need to be recruited for the various geographic areas of our council. If something arose that required that all families be notified, the telephone tree leaders would be contacted to pass the information on to the rest of their geographic area. They will be provided with telephone numbers of parents and emergency contact people as specified on the health forms. Contact Committee Chair Jacquie R. (see back) to volunteer to be a telephone tree leader. There will also be a sign up list at the July 12 meeting. 

Photos from pre-encampment 

are on-line at

Post-Jamboree Get-together Thursday, August 23 7-9 PM 

North Junior High St. Cloud, MN 

Come for an evening of sharing photos and displays from our jamboree trip. Entire families are invited.

Hours on the bus 

A great deal of the contingent tour time (two days each way) the Scouts will be seeing a lot of the inside of a bus. Here are some thoughts to help make this as pleasant as possible: 

Pre-departure check in list was enclosed.