Updated 2/20/01.

Jamboree Shoulder Patch

Central Minnesota Council Scouts have chosen their shoulder patch design.  

Council Order Forms 

All participating Jamboree Scouts were mailed a Central Minnesota Council Jamboree Order Form in January. Scouts can use this form to order insignia, memorabilia, uniform parts, and equipment. Equipment will be sold as orders are received. Insignia, memorabilia, and uniform parts at a special cost must be ordered by February 25, 2001. 

Merit Badges

Steering Committee Member Jeff D.  is working on arranging merit badge counselors for interested Scouts before troop meetings. 

Troop Meetings

Updates on the two remaining troop meetings as well as pictures from the last meeting can be found on the Troop Meetings page.

Mr. Z profit margin

The profit schedule for the Mr. Z's sale can be found in the February newsletter

Map of the Jamboree site

Link to a map of the Jamboree site at www.jambo.org/maps.html. View in your web browser of download an Adobe Acrobat file.

OA Lodge Flap

A Nagounabe Lodge flap has also been designed.