REVISED 5/23/04
Central Minnesota Council, Boy Scouts of America

Jamboree Order Form

The following items are being offered for sale through the Central Minnesota Council for Jamboree participants.
(Be sure to mark the size you will need.)


Ordered     Cost                                      Item                                               Order By


Insignia and Memorabilia


________        $2.25               Council Shoulder Patch, special 2005 Jamboree edition                Nov 15

á  Required on all uniforms

á  Number one trading item

á  Two provided for uniforms

________        $2.25               Troop Numeral, special one-piece custom order                              Nov 15

á  Two provided for uniforms

á  Required on all uniforms, but can also be purchased as

single digits from National Equipment Supply

________        $_____            Troop T-shirt, custom design by Central Minnesota                       Nov 15

                        M-XL                            Council contingent

á  Required for activity wear at Jamboree

á  One provided



________        $30.00             Shorts (cotton/polyester)                                                                 Nov 15

á  Required for all uniforms

á  Need 2 pair

á  Specify size when ordering

(28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50)

á  Youth size 10-22 ($25.00)                                                      



________        $24.00             Short-Sleeve Shirt (cotton/polyester)                                           Nov 15

                        S, M, L, XL

á  Required for all uniforms

á  Need 2 shirts


2X, 3X, 4X


________        $3.00/pr.         Boy Scout Socks                                                                               Nov 15

                        S (7-9), M (9-11), L (10-13), XL (13-15)

á  Required for all uniforms

á  Need 2 pair


2X (17-19)


________        $22.00             Lined Nylon Jacket                                                                          Nov 15

                                XS, S, M, L, XL



                                2X, 3X, 4X




________        $5.00               Scout Web Belt                                                                                 Nov 15

                        SM/M (fits waist to 28Ó)

á  Required for all uniforms



                        M/LG (fits waist to 29Ó-46Ó)



________        $9.00               Scout Cap (BSA Standard)                                                              Nov 15

                        SM/M, M/LG






$________ =  TOTAL ORDERED

q          Check to "Central Minnesota Council" enclosed.

q          Deduct from my Jamboree account. I have paid the full fee and have sufficient funds remaining in my account. (Credit Cards can be used at the Council Service Center)

Jamboree Troop:         #__________


Name: ______________________________________________ Local Troop: ___________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: ______________________________________________________________

Phone(s): __________________________________________________________________


Send to: Central Minnesota Council, BSA 1191 Scout Drive, Sartell, MN 56377 or Bring to Jamboree Meeting prior to Nov 15th


If not picked up sooner, delivery will be at February, 2005 Jamboree Meeting.