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Ripley Rendezvous
Pie in the Face Fundraiser

April 24, 2004

     The Order of the Arrow helped out the 2005 Jamboree Contingents of Central Minnesota by holding a fundraiser during the annual Ripley Rendezvous. Participants were able to cast votes, for 25 cents, for the adult leaders they would like to see receive a pie in the face during the Saturday evening show. The three adults with the highest number of votes would receive the pies.
     The second part of the fundraiser came when it was time to put the pies into the faces of the "winners". The pies were auctioned off during the show. The highest bidders were able to "cast" the pies into the leaders faces.
     The three adults who received the highest number of votes were a troop leader from Albany, and two the the council's 2005 Jamboree Scoutmasters. All three gentlemen received the pies gracefully, some from their sons or troop members, and one from his fellow troop leaders.
     All in all, it was a lot of fun, and brought in a nice some of around $400 for the Jamboree costs.
     Thanks to all the bidders and troop leaders for heping out.

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John 1
Jamboree Scoumaster John C. receives a pie in the face from a troop member from his Cold Spring home troop.
John 2
John expected to be in the final three. Way to go John!
Dale 1
Albany troop leader Dale O. received his pie from his own son. His fellow troop leaders bid for the right for his son to have the honors.
Dale 2
The greatest thing was that Dale also put money into the bidding pool thinkiing it was going towards a different troop leader.
Randy 1
Three of Jamboree Scoutmaster Randy A.'s fellow home troop leaders pitched in to outbid the others for the right to give Randy a pie.
Randy 2
They did a good job with Randy. He turned out to have the biggest mess to clean up.

Pictures were provided by Steve Borgerding.

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